Our School History

The new Leith Walk Primary School took the place of a previous institution in Pilrig. At the time the building was one of the largest, most admired and most expensive of schools built at the time. The Government minimum of 8 square feet per pupil gave a capacity for 1057 pupils. The cost of building the school was about £9000 which was equal to £18 for every one of the 700 children on the roll at the time. This cost did not include the cost of the playground, the janitor’s house or any of the outer buildings.

The ground floor was used for the infant department while the upper floor was given over to the mixed upper classes. A large, central middle hall was used by the upper classes and on either side of this were two large classrooms which were fitted with glass doors allowing the Headmaster supervision of all the children.

We have gathered much of our history from information contained in school log books. If you have interesting information or stories from our history please do contact us

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