Coming Soon to Leith Walk Primary School

We are very excited about the developments that have been going on recently in school in preparation for our Loose Parts Play initiative.  The children and staff have received training and we have been busy collecting and sorting items.

A group of pupils applied to be on the Loose Parts Play Committee.  Here they are;

Meet the Loose Parts Play Committee

Clara and Prince Raj from Primary 3

Loose Parts ipad 002  Mariama and Ellie H from Primary 3/4

Aakriti and Finn from Primary 4

Loose Parts ipad 007.JPGThe Stair 006

Finlay and Tom from Primary 5

Simi and Jay-Jay from Primary 5/6

Here are a couple of funny pictures of the staff sorting out the ‘stuff’ on Friday afternoon – we are wearing masks as the floor needing a lot of sweeping and it ws VERY dusty!   Can you guess who is who and why one person is wearing a bike helmet!

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