Building Resilience

Our Current Focus is: Look on the Bright Side

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This term is all about learning to look at situations from different perspectives. It’s about understanding how the way that we think can affect the way that we feel. We are focussing on what we are grateful for and how we can change our mindset to appreciate the things we have in our lives.

Home Task for this unit: Create a memory jar of things that make you feel grateful. Add items that remind you of good times and positive memories.

Building Resilience Overview


Building Resilience Programme Information

Building Resilience is a rolling programme that explores ten tools that promote resilience and mental wellbeing. It is delivered through whole school focusses, assemblies, reflection, multimedia and in-class learning, as well as home learning tasks. It is reflective of up to date research and best practice in promoting emotional health and wellbeing.

The programme aims to develop children’s understanding, knowledge, skills and attributes needed for promoting positive wellbeing in all aspects. It provides practical ideas and strategies for coping with everyday challenges, frustrations and difficulties, which become life long skills.  It is delivered over 3 years, and includes home learning links. A parent and carer information leaflet is given for each unit, as well as a Family Activity.

Please check your ParentPay account to see the parent and carer information leaflet for our current focus.