We’re nearly ready to go!

A huge thank you to the Loose Parts Play Committee for all their work sorting and organising.  Here are some pictures of how the store room looks now - hopefuly we will be able to start play very soon!  

Loose Parts Play Committee

We went outisde to the storage space and we were sorting out the lids everyone has collected. We had a look around to see what had been collected so far and then we came up with a list of other things we need to collect. Watch this space for more information coming soon!

Coming Soon to Leith Walk Primary School

We are very excited about the developments that have been going on recently in school in preparation for our Loose Parts Play initiative.  The children and staff have received training and we have been busy collecting and sorting items. A group of pupils applied to be on the Loose Parts Play Committee.  Here they are;... Continue Reading →

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