All pupils are allocated into four houses. The houses are called Elgin, Montgomery, Brunswick and Hillside. They are named after local streets around the school. The children earn house points throughout the week through showing a positive attitude, good work ethic, being helpful, respecting others and listening well. Staff hand out house points in class and at anytime of day. However, there are also House Events every two weeks where the children participate in activities to try and earn more points for their house. Weekly and running House Point totals are also announced. The children are very enthusiastic and proud of their houses! During these events teachers are also a part of a house:

Miss Parsons and Ms Wilson are in Brunswick.

Miss Lumsden, Miss Barrie and Mr Ahmed are in Hillside.

Miss Tait and Miss Rowland are in Elgin.

Mr Galloway, Mrs Macdonald, Mrs Grantham and Miss MacDonald are in Montgomery.

Miss Young and Mrs Elliot-Gibson oversee the House system and plan our house events, alongside our Primary 7 House Captains and Vice Captains. House teachers and House Captains and Vice Captains run our whole school and house-specific house sessions.

The activities regularly have a health and wellbeing focus, school community focus or wider community focus, such as charity events, but often each house plan and organise to be a part of a whole school event. For example, all houses have designed their own house display board, organised and ran a Winter Enterprise Fayre and participated in talent shows.

As well as this, the whole school come together for the annual Sports Day, where all children participate in potted sports and races to earn as many house points as possible. The house with the most points after sports day will be presented with a trophy! The house with the most points overall from the year will also win a trophy!

House PE kits can be purchased from the school.