Victorian Schoolroom

By arrangement with the City of Edinburgh Council, our outer building is now being used by a charitable organisation – the History of Education Centre Trust. The trust has a unique collection of school furniture, publications, equipment, reports, photographs and materials.

The trust has set up a mock Victorian schoolroom in the accommodation. Class groups of primary school children visit the schoolroom to experience a lesson of the late Victorian era. Children are able to dress up in period costume and then participate in a learning experience that includes the use of a slate, writing with a knobbed pen, chanting tables, spelling, pre-decimal currency and use of an abacus. The second half of the visit is about tenement living, in which family life is centred on the kitchen range. From this experience children draw a number of comparisons about life then, and life today.

The Victorian schoolroom operates independently of Leith Walk Primary School. However we are in the unique position of having easy access to the facilities to enhance teaching and learning.